The TMA represents the views of our member companies when communicating with the UK Government, regional and local authorities and other stakeholders on issues of shared interest and concern, including taxation, smuggling and youth access prevention.

Our members are British American Tobacco UK Ltd, Gallaher Ltd (a member of the JTI Group of companies) and Imperial Tobacco Ltd. Should you require further information or a more detailed briefing on any of the issues that impact on the tobacco industry, please contact us:

Policy & legislation

Position of the TMA on smoking related issues


Background information for academics & researchers

Tobacco Smuggling

TMA publishes its 5 point approach to tackling illicit trade.

Tobacco Products Directive

From 20th May 2017 cigarette packs of less than 20 and hand rolling pouches of less than 30gr were banned .

Youth Access Prevention

Smoking is a matter of informed adult choice. Children should not smoke and should be discouraged from doing so.

Smoking in cars

In private vehicles adults should be free to smoke, provided they do not light up or smoke in a way that would distract from safe driving.

Next Generation Products

E-cigarettes and other next generation products offer existing adult smokers greater variety in the market..

Smoking on screen and TV

TMA member companies do not take part in product placement activities, nor do they pay producers to use their product in films or television series.

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