TMA Submissions

The TMA has made submissions to a wide range of Government consultation exercises; a selection of these are available to download below.


  • TMA responde to HM Treasury’s call for evidence on Tackling the Plastic Problem (May 2018)
  • TMA response to HMG’s Customs White Paper submission (November 2017)
  • TMA response to the EU Commission Technical Consultation on Tracking, Tracing and Security Features submission (October 2017)
  • TMA pre-Budget submission to HM Treasury (January 2017)
  • TMA submission to the Treasury Select Committee – Brexit transitional arrangements (January 2017)
  • TMA pre-Autumn Statement submission to HM Treasury  (November 2016)
  • TMA submission to the NAO  Inquiry – Protecting consumers from scams, unsafe goods and illegal trading (November 2016)
  • TMA submission to the House of Lords Constitution Committee Inquiry  – Brexit (October 2016)
  • TMA response to the HMRC consultation on Illicit Trade Protocol – Licensing of the supply chain (October 2016)