The TMA is strongly committed to youth access prevention (YAP) campaigns and supports legislation aimed at reducing minors’ access to age-restricted products, such as tobacco.  The TMA has been at the centre of a number of YAP campaigns over the years,  because we believe that only adults can make an informed choice to smoke.


The TMA founded the ‘No ID No Sale’ (NINS) campaign.  The NINS campaign was launched by CitizenCard in January 2004 and has raised national awareness of the minimum legal age for buying age-restricted products. Our members’ sales forces have visited many thousands of retail outlets throughout the UK and distributed packs of NINS materials directly to retailers.


The scheme helps retailers to refuse underage sales by showing them how to work out someone’s age, spot fake ID and record attempted purchases in a Refusals Register.  It has the support of the Home Office, DH, DCMS, Trading Standards Institute, and the Association of Chief Police Officers.


The NINS campaign has engaged more than 100,000 retailers nationwide and created a culture in which young people expect to be asked to prove their age and retailers accept only the correct ID.  120,000 NINS packs were distributed to retailers between January and September 2007 prior to the age change in October 2007.  In Northern Ireland 10,000 NINS packs were distributed to retailers prior to the age change in September 2008.  These resource packs include:

  • A covering letter with advice on the age change;
  • A new Minimum Age Notice;
  • A new Statutory Tobacco Notice;
  • A new Tobacco ‘18’ poster;
  • An underage Laws notice;
  • A Valid ID poster;
  • A Refusals Register;
  • A Tobacco 18 window vinyl; and
  • CitizenCard application forms.