Assessment: Other Research

Several research pieces are available on the illegal tobacco market in the UK. A selection can be found here:


Project Sun

  • An annual study (commissioned by the tobacco industry) into the development of the illegal market across the EU + Norway and Switzerland. Further details can be found here


IP Crime Report

  • An annual report which explores the latest trends in counterfeiting and piracy. Trading Standards highlight that illegal tobacco remains the number one investigated item. The latest report can be viewed here


RUSI – On Tap

  • This report explores the illicit trade in alchol, pharmaceuticals and tobacco in the UK. The report can be viewed here


EU Commission Study – Public Perception of Illicit Tobacco

  • A survey of member states which explores public attitudes towards the illegal tobacco market.  The report can be viewed here
  • A country specific factsheet can be download here


CTSI – Operation Henry 2

  • Commissioned by DH and conducted by CTSI this report summarises the results of action taken by Trading Standards during the period December 2015 to April 2016. A copy of the report is available to view here