Tax Rates

  • Tax on cigarettes is made up of specific duty of £207.99 per 1,000 cigarettes and an ad valorem rate of 16.5% of the Recommended Retail Price3 . VAT is charged in addition


  • A  pack of 20 cigarettes costing £8.85 will be over 80% tax including VAT2 (up to 90% tax for lower priced packs). Click here to view to worked examples


  • Tobacco Duty has consistently raised around £9.5 billion since 2011-121.


  • Furthermore, the VAT on tobacco products also raises more than £2 billion each year3.


  • Combined revenues of around £12 billion are equivalent to over 2.5 pence on the basic rate of Income Tax, just under 2% of all tax revenues or 0.6% of UK GDP (2015-16)4.


  • Tobacco Duty costs the average household 0.8% of their annual (2014-15) gross income but the bottom quintile 2.1%5.


  • A Minimum Excise Tax (MET) on cigarettes will take effect from 20 May 2017. This will effectively apply to the recommend retail price of products below £7.35 per 20. A worked example can be viewed here


  • The TMA’s Tobacco Tax Briefing is available to download here


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