Smoking on Stage, Screen and TV

Smoking on Stage, Screen and TV


  • TMA member companies do not take part in product placement activities, nor do they pay producers to use their product in films or television series.  Filmmakers use props to reflect historical events or real life in films and many people in the real world smoke. Filmmakers may choose to use tobacco products among such props.


  • The TMA believes a proposal that films with smoking scenes should be 18-rated is a disproportionate and unnecessary measure, which is not supported by credible evidence. The Department of Health did not include smoking in films as a predictor of youth smoking initiation in its 2008 consultation; it did list age and sex, home environment, drug use and drinking alcohol, truancy and exclusion from school.


  • Smoking on stage is permitted “where the artistic integrity of a performance makes it appropriate for a person to smoke”. Polling commissioned by FOREST in 2016 revealed strong public support for smoking to continue to be allowed on stage.



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