Litter is a serious problem and an unintended consequence of the smoking ban in workplaces, pubs, clubs and restaurants.  The TMA expects smokers, like all members of the public, to accept their responsibilities to keep our environment clean and tidy by disposing of all litter, including cigarette butts and packaging, carefully and responsibly.


The TMA believes it is important to encourage consumers to dispose of cigarette packs and each & every cigarette butt properly.  Tobacco companies have encouraged responsible behaviour through consumer education campaigns and by providing solutions to assist in the responsible disposal of smoking-related litter, e.g. through the provision of personal ashtrays.


The TMA has worked with local authorities, social enterprises and charities to tackle the litter epidemic that blights the lives of many people across the UK.


The Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control and misinterpretation of the WHO’s Article 5.3 hamper the industry’s efforts to resolve the problem of tobacco litter. The TMA has called on Defra to provide clarity to local authoritities on engagement with the tobacco industry.