TMA responds to latest ONS smoking statistics

TMA responds to latest ONS smoking statistics

The ONS report: Statistics on Smoking, England 2017, reveals a further decline in adult smoking prevalence, 15.8% in 2016 compared to 17.9% in 2015.

Responding to the report, Giles Roca, Director General of the TMA said:

“These figures confirm that the drop in smoking prevalence over the last few years is due to the emergence of harm reduction technology such as e-cigarettes that the tobacco industry has been at the forefront of developing and putting onto the market. This stands in direct contrast to the impact of the tranche of tobacco control measures implemented by successive governments over the last decade that have had minimal effect or indeed negative consequences such as making the problem of black market tobacco even worse. As the Government looks at its next tobacco control strategy and the measures within it, it would be worth reflecting on these findings and the reasons for them.”


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